Octove Sdn Bhd is a new age ICT organization, a brainchild of few innovative and dedicated individuals with the idea of bringing forth a cutting edge concept into our lives. On 16th May 2011 Octove Sdn Bhd was incorporated by these few minds that envisioned a progressive change in the purpose and usage of web developments, applications and social media network.

Octove team members are equipped with vast experience in their respective areas. Together the team have formed a formidable entity beyond their expectations that could change the way social media can be implemented effectively in our day to day lives. Since their formation, they have experience in the automobile industry, hotels, real estate and construction, which are prospering to expansion. The dynamics amongst the team spawns a distinct objective in the project undertaken by Octove. Octove Sdn Bhd is a company that believes in Strategy, Creativity and Diversity. These characteristics have been cultivated within the company and have proven to be successful in our endeavours.

Our Core Business

ICT Services
Myscreen Social Media Broadcast Platform
Octove House of Production
Octove Total Marketing Solutions

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Our Flagship Project


Our House of Production

Our Total Marketing Solution (OTMS)

OTMSbusiness division is the final and vital part that completes Octove Sdn Bhd as an effective service provider to our clients. OTMSteam provides unique , creative and viral marketing solutions to our clients that requires fresh and creative market penetration for their businesses.

The office consists of young, dynamic team members who are driven to help shape businesses and their market, creating success stories for our clients. OTMSteam members has worked on many successful projects locally and internationally. OTMSadvises its clients based on contemporary issues and current market trends.

Our ICT Services

Our Information and Communications Technology division encompasses itself in the IT industry by generating mobile applications, customized software, web development and total IT solution.

However apart from that Octove is a company formed with the sole purpose of developing an ingenious application and a social media web platform known as MyScreen.

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